Introducing Brand-New T&B Kids  from the Home of Happy

T&B Media Global takes over the official Shelldon Facebook fan page belonging to one of its affiliates, Shellhut Entertainment. Fans of Shelldon animated TV series can now follow T&B Kids Facebook fan page for news and updates on Shelldon and various upcoming family-friendly productions from both companies. 

Over 12 years ago, Shellhut Entertainment gave birth to its first animation, Shelldon narrating the adventures of three best friends from Shell Land, a sub-urban town situated in the shallow waters off the Andaman Islands. Led by Shelldon the Stellaria Solaris, Herman and Connie, the humanlike characters portray their own society, culture and lifestyle while discussing timeless topics like sports, music, friendship and lessons about preserving life underwater. Shelldon (official fan page) has been sharing online content specifically about the series ever since. 

In 2016, CEO and Founder of Shellhut Entertainment, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp founded T&B Media Global (Thailand) in order to expand the Home of Happy content universe across multiple platforms and vibrate happiness to the world. By rebranding the Shelldon Official Facebook Fan Page to T&B Kids, the posts and activities will cover more than just Shelldon and his friends. It will also introduce fans and followers to a wide range of fun kid-friendly animations, child-centered events and brain games that anyone can participate in. 

Interacting as T&B Kids, the official Facebook fan page is tailored to encouraging children entertainment and proactive learning. New and existing fanbase can expect to meet many more cartoon characters soon and before anyone else only on T&B Kids official Facebook fan page!