T&B Media Global (Thailand) hosts an Explosive Premiere for “Vanguard” Super Action Film, a Collaboration between Thailand and China, Ready for Official Release Date this October 1

After being postponed due to the global pandemic since January, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp or Dr. Tan, the CEO and founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand) along with Warner Bros. Thailand are finally hosting the explosive premiere for “Vanguard” the Super Action Film of 2020 at Siam Pavalai Theater, 6th floor of Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon.

               In the premiere, strict safety and social distancing protocols are practiced to prevent Covid-19 contagion. Many big names in the business and entertainment industry such as Mr. Pravit Maleenont, Mr. Soopakij and Ms. Marisa Chearavanont, Ms. Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, Dr. Yaowalak Poonthong, Mr. Wichai Kulthawatchai, Dr. Kongkiat Opaswongkarn, Mr. Vichien Chuengviroj, Mr. Sompan Charumilinda, Mr. Ong-Ard Prapakamol, Ms. Arunosha Panupan, Mr. Aukavut Suvanprakorn, Mr. Viboon Leeratanakachorn, Mr. Jaruek Kanjaruek, Mr. Sangar Chatchairungruang, Mr. Thanakorn Puriwekin, Mr. Pornchai Wongsriudomporn, Ms. Piyaporn Sankosik, Mr. Narong Lertkitsiri, Mr. Kreingkarn Kanjanapokin, Mr. Tanatath Kamolratanapiboon and celebrities including Ms. Anchalee Jongkadeekij, Mr. Boyd Kosiyabong, Mr. Nop Ponchamni, Mr. Manaswin Nuntasane (Tik Shiro), Mr. Peter Corp Dyrendal, Mr. Apiwat Pongwat (Neung ETC.), Mr. Vasu Sangsingkeo, Ms. Primrata Dej-Udom, and 30 contestants from Miss Universe Thailand to name a few.

Director Stanley Tong revealed that “Vanguard” is his proudest production to date as the whole team has dedicated themselves to the fullest and even risked their lives during the filmmaking process. “Vanguard” is the 6th collaboration between the legendary action heroes: director Stanley Tong and actor Jackie Chan, starring Yang Yang, Miya Muqi, Zhu Zhengting and Ai Lun. The cross-continental chase to rescue hostages takes place in various locations around the world such as the United Kingdom, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and India. Those who have missed traveling during the pandemic can enjoy the global escapism of the film while not having to leave their seats! Some of the most compelling action scenes including outrageous chase scenes and the show-stopping special effects take place on land, sea and up in the air featuring sleek supercars, battleships, planes, and even the wildest animals are guaranteed to blow your mind!

After exposing the head of a terrorist organization, Qin Guoli hires “Vanguard,” an ace multinational security company, to protect him and his family under the leadership of Tang Huating (Jackie Chan) and the skill of Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang). Realizing that the next target will be Fareeda, Qin’s beloved daughter who is working in a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, Lei and his teammates rush there to protect her. However, when both Lei and Fareeda are captured by the terrorists, the rest of the Vanguard team embarks on a dangerous, action-packed journey to rescue them and stop a major attack in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Buckle up, action fans! “Vanguard” Super Action Film of the year is coming to the local theaters October 1, 2020!!! Witness the latest work of Jackie Chan, Yang Yang, Miya Muqi, Zhu Zhengting and Ai Lun soon, on theaters near you!

*Special gift for every two-ticket purchase, get 1 premium Griptok (limited with picture of a Vanguard team member) from today until October 31, 2020 at Major Cineplex and SF Cinema theaters.

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