Industry leading magazine TBI applauses “friendZspace” as one of the top 10 most remarkable children’s content to keep an eye on in mipcom 2019

The animated series “friendZspace” funded by T&B Media Global Co., Ltd., and produced by Shellhut Entertainment Co., Ltd., with the delivery date of 2021, was selected by world famous magazine TBI as one of the remarkable children’s content to keep an eye on in MIP COM 2019, held this October. This is regarded as a momentous beginning for having Thai owned content being accepted and praised internationally.

“friendZspace” (working title) follows the story of three Earth kids adventuring across the universe with the mission of befriending “outer-space” children. Their experiences and findings from their journey are shared via posts to kids on Earth. The show combines adventure and character-driven comedy with a gripping storytelling that suits well for both boys and girls aged between 5 and 8 years.

The animated series “friendZspace” is created by Emmy-nominated Dan Clark (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Team Smithereen) and Oscar Cover (Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers, Team Smithereen), funded by T&B Media Global Co., Ltd. and produced by Shellhut Entertainment Co., Ltd.. The show has 52 episodes, with the duration of 11 minutes per episode. Henson Independent Properties, an affiliate of the Jim Henson Company, will be distributing the series worldwide.

Claudia Scott-Hansen, SVP of global distribution at the Jim Henson Company says “This new original series provides a rich and immersive world of fresh characters with messages of unity, acceptance and friendship.”

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