#Friends collaborated with Jim Henson for worldwide distribution.

T&B Media Global collaborated with Jim Henson on the new project #Friends for worldwide distribution. The CG-animated series, #Friends (52 x 11’), targeted to kids 6–11 years old, is a new character-driven comedy about three human kids—the Hash Taggers—on a mission to make friends with alien kids all across the universe and then share their findings via posts to kids on Planet Earth.

The action-packed series, funded by T&B Media Global, is created by Dan Clark and Oscar Covar, and is currently in production at Shellhut Entertainment for delivery in fall 2021. In #Friends, every alien kid the Hash Taggers meet will pose the challenge: how does one communicate, make friends, and find common interests with kids who are – at least on the outside – seemingly so different than you are? Be in touch with us for the update on www.facebook.com/TandBMediaGlobal/ or www.tandbmediaglobal.com/ and Instagram @tandb_media_global

Source: https://bit.ly/2IFoYCl

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