Bloggers and Influencers Around the World Welcome Four Kids and It with Online Campaigns and Live Instagram Screenings

Since Four Kids and It premiered, family content bloggers around the world launched online campaigns with at-home movie premiere kits, printable activity sheets and giveaways. According to their social media profiles, many enjoyed hosting their very own stay-at-home premieres with families and friends and found the film hilarious with witty humor.

For starters, Mama likes This website held Four Kids and It Blu-ray Giveaway and printable activities such as At Home Scavenger Hunt, Coloring Page and Magical Memory Game. Valerie Mitchell took on Twitter Movie Night which led to the #FourKidsAndItMovie and #FourKidsAndIt hashtags.

Maria’s Space family blog set up a Four Kids and It Movie Premiere Reunion With Friends, sharing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. Everyday Short Cuts had an Instagram red-carpet moment at home before watching the movie on digital platforms, similar to the Red Carpet Night Free Printables and Fun Facts about Four Kids and It by Theresa’s Reviews website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Other online participants featured Bel Air Mommie and Life with Kathy by Kathy Copcutt, and Sweet P and Sky.

From the Hispanic and Latino world, bloggers joined the premiere at home with props delivered right to their doors. Onica Cupido tweeted her excitement before the movie began while Karina Pacheco shared her fun on Twitter and Cool Chill Mom Instagram Stories. Other active audience included Melissa Velazquez and Mama Noticias website in Spanish.

In order to support the movie, some influencers hosted special Live Instagram Screening parties for their fans. Porsha Williams and friends, outfitted with VIP passes, made magical treats and gave away digital codes so that the fans could watch Four Kids and It in their homes too. Finally, more screenings followed with Dai Time Magazine and Zaza who gave the film a great review.

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