T&B Media Global represents Thailand in forum on Thai-Chinese CO-PRODUCTION forum at 22ND shanghai international film festival

Earlier this week, T&B Media Global joined the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival to deliver an important announcement.

T&B Media Global was invited to participate in a panel discussion regarding inter-country collaboration, with a focus on Chinese-Thai productions due to their work on the upcoming romantic comedy “Start It Up” a project co-produced by Chinese media giants SMG Pictures & WingsMedia. During the discussion, Mrs. Pornviroon Kaewtong (Tong), a producer on the project, represented T&B on the panel and shared her experiences working with an inter-cultural production team of actors, technical talent and producers. The panel stressed the importance of being able to produce movies that not only share culture across borders, but also that build understanding and cooperation amongst its people.

“Start It Up” is planned to hit cinemas early next year in China, Thailand and the rest of the world.

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