T&B Media Global joins MQDC’S new brand ambassador announcement to support talented and compassionate new generation

T&B Media Global attended the press conference announcing Whizdom Society’s new brand ambassador at 101 True Digital Park. Under the concept of “For All Well-being,” Whizdom by MQDC welcomes Naphat Siangsomboon (Nine) as the latest brand ambassador. Nine is a representative of the new generation, who is both talented and passionate about contributing to the society.

The key mission of the event was to promote young talented people whom embody good heartedness and exhibit attentiveness in promoting good values to the society. Likewise, T&B Media Global shares in these same values, as we aspire to provide opportunities to talented storytellers and creators from around the globe by supporting and investing in their projects.

T&B Media Global, helmed by Thailand’s very own storyteller, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, finances and manages the finest, most innovative content from around the globe. With a deep and integrated network within China and Thailand, T&B seeks to unite the world through entertainment, by investing and nurturing a culture of creativity in talented storytellers across the globe. T&B aspires to be a key player in generating happiness to the world, while also being able to support globally social development programs that benefit the environment, children and humanity at large.

MQDC: Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is the organization that invests and develops real estate projects on an international level to build growth of joint venture project and development of international real estate projects with domestic and international partners and investors. Under its mission to improve the quality of living for all, MQDC invests in research and development to create products and innovations for consumers as well as ecosystems that support environment-friendly living and add value to surrounding communities.


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