What Critics Are Saying about Four Kids and It

Spoiler warning in the embedded links.

When the world is under a lot of stress, one of the things that can provide escapism to people is movies. Although the whole Covid-19 situation has made it tough for movie goers to visit cinemas as usual, online streaming services are here to save the day by providing various SVOD and VOD options in which individuals and families can enjoy new movies privately at home without needing to worry about social distancing.

If you are looking for a lighthearted movie to watch especially with your family and friends, here is what international critics are saying about Four Kids and It since it became available to stream on Amazon Prime, VUDU and iTunes, etc.

According to the Washington Post, Four Kids and It can lighten up your mood as it is “full of positive messages, life lessons and mild peril” with themes of curiosity, self-control, and teamwork. Dallas Film Now enjoys listening to Michael Caine’s voice as the little genie-like Psammead creature as well as engages with the overruling entertainment value.

The Guardian calls the film “a good-natured family fantasy” and compares it to “children’s films in the 1960s despite modernity”. A brief review by The Sun suggests that Four Kids and It adaptation is “a must-watch for kids will love the adventure flick”, brought forward by Sky Cinema.

Another full and elaborate review by Plugged In emphasizes the relatable possibility of a fresh start after a mishap rather than a fantasy about wish-granting. The story suggests that “some hurts can’t be undone”, as Adam Holz puts it. You can watch Lindalee R.’s video review from Kids First! YouTube channel by clicking here too. The film is also featured in news broadcast on television channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and more.

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