Two executives of T&B and shellhut held a seminar on the topic “T&B Media Global promotes thai animators to the global marget” in “Thailand animator festival 5”

In regards to T&B Media Global’s aspiration of encouraging young talents to create and develop fine contents for the Thai entertainment industry, along with also yearning to escalate them to a global scale, our two executives: Khun Bhakbhume Tanta-Nanta (Khun Bhak), Deputy Chief Executive Officer of T&B Media Global and Khun Pinyada Ratanasungk (Khun Parn), Chief Operating Officer of Shellhut Entertainment has joined together in giving a seminar on the topic “T&B Media Global promotes Thai Animators to the global market.”

The seminar starts off with having Khun Bhak, Bhakbhume Tanta-Nanta, assess an overall picture of the entertainment industry along with giving a vision on how the emergence of digital disruption affect the industry as a whole. Following, Khun Parn, Pinyada Ratanasungk, shared her work experiences including the aspects of production process and the collaboration with oversea talents. Moreover, Khun Parn has revealed some of T&B’s work that is soon to be released to the public eye like: The Animated TV Series – Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers (2020), Animated Feature Film – Arthur and The 7 Chicks (2021) and Silk Road (2021).

Before beginning the Q&A session with our two executives in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, T&B Media Global and Shellhut Entertainment also announced internship opportunities for interested students.

Thailand Animator Festival, an animation festival where works of animation students from all over the country are displayed. It is also a stage where the career path for animation students is encouraged to join Thai leading animation companies and to establish networks of animators in order to strengthen the profession.

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