“T&B Media Global” organizes “T&B speaker series 3” with guest speaker “KAI-KAIWAN,” Thailand’s legendary composer whose work has seized 2 Thailand national film association awards

T&B Media Global organizes “T&B Speaker Series 3” in November, regarding the topic of “Inspiration of making Movie Soundtracks” at T&B Theatre, 4th floor of 101 True Digital Park. 

Our guest speaker K. Kaiwan Kulavadhanothai, whose work has seized 2 Thailand National Film Association Awards for Best Movie Soundtrack and Bangkok Critics Assembly Award along with being the owner of Kaiwan Music, has jovially shared his experience and knowledge on composing soundtracks for movies to both student and attendees of the event.

“T&B Speaker Series” based on the aspiration to promote and broaden a Creative Community for the new visionary generation is held on every last Wednesday of each month with a list of various interesting topics to explore. The next series will be organized on Wednesday November 27th, 2019 at 3 – 5pm. 

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