T&B Media Global met with the Chinese embassy to donate hand sanitizing gels together with creators of song “From the Heart”.

On February 12, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Ms. Rugeepat Ahriyavraromp, Public Relations Director of T&B Media Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd., donated hand sanitising gels, together with Mr. Wiboon Leeratanakajorn, Channel 3 Television Executive, and creators of the song “Jaak Hua Chai” (meaning “From the Heart.”) met with Mr. Xin Yang, Charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy, to deliver words of encouragement through the song’s lyrics for China to fight against the spread of COVID-19. A Thai representative stated that China and Thailand possess a long-term relationship which could be compared to the proverb “Blood is thicker than water.” In times of crisis, both countries always help bear each others’ hardship. It is believed that China will soon overcome the fight against this deadly virus.